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A three-day wedding event filled with unforgettable memories in Kythnos was the choice of

Christina & Konstantinos

On the western part of the Cyclades, in the heart of the Aegean sea, Kythnos Greece is arguably one of the most beautiful islands close to Athens. Its close distance to the Greek capital has shaped this island into one of the most popular city-break destinations.

Kythnos has an incredible natural landscape, with quaint villages that stand out for their elegant architecture, scrollable alleys, and laid-back atmosphere. Wandering around the picturesque villages of Kythnos, you’ll come across corners embellished with flowers, whitewashed houses, traditional taverns, windmills, and fountains. The scenery is magical!

Loutra Kythnos, one of the most popular villages, is known for its thermal springs. Rich in iron and sulfur, Kythnos thermal springs have many healing properties. Thus they are perfect for a free spa treatment! What’s more, in Loutra and Merihas, you’ll find various options for accommodations and facilities.

The coastline of Kythnos is dotted with 99 beaches in total! They stand out for their natural beauty. From shingle to sandy and from organized to unspoiled, all beaches have a relaxing ambience and are ideal for swimming. However, the most impressive beach in Kithnos is Kolona. a long strip of sand forming two sandy beaches on both sides. Kolona became our main backdrop for the couples photo session. We also strolled around the village of Chora for statement shots and lovely memories.

The prewedding party took place at the Eternal Blue. A beautiful residence complex with a spectacular view of the Aegean.
The welcome party helped guests and families settle in and mingle before the official wedding agenda of the next day. This is especially common for destination weddings. Fabulous, fresh, full of surprises and pool diving, the party was spreading love all around as everyone rocked on until the morning hours.
Wedding preparations of the couple also took place at the Eternal Blue.
The ceremony was held at the church of Panagia Flambouriani.
An imposing church at the end of a small peninsula on the left side of the cove of Flambouria. According to local legends, the footsteps that the Virgin Mary left behind while she was overseeing the building of her church created the present stone steps that start from the beach and lead all the way up to the church. A picturesque church overlooking the Aegean was to be the breathtaking backdrop for a beautiful ceremony.

The wedding party took place in the relaxed bohemian ambience of Hamsa beach bar-restaurant, a place of unique character on the island of Kythnos located in the middle of a small beach called Martinakia.
A post-wedding day included swimming at the beach of Kolona.

Christina and Constantinos chose us to be their wedding photographers in Kythnos. Along with memorable storytelling pictures, we keep our best wishes for a beautiful life to come.

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