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Maria & Yiannis

Lines are just lines,
until you give them life.
they teach us how to draw childhood,
we colour inside them,
the places we’ve been.
We write on them
the stories we hold.
Lines into puzzles.
We read between them
running in circles.

Until we let them define us.
Lines that hold
lines of life
lines of men
lines of love
lines that hold
the pieces of this universe
Like the little lines running
from one side of this page
to the other.
Blank white rectangles
where words are meant to stay

Wedding Photographer Crete

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Aligned to all that is most beautiful and unique, an extraordinary wedding happened this day now. 

In the Cretan variety of breathtaking nature, under the amazing light, blended with history and culture, Sfakia. Southwest of Crete, where the mountains are high and wild, falling in gorges, small coves, secluded beaches, and the bluest sea. Where the small villages stand amidst unspoiled nature and people are known for their warm hospitality, music, dance, and unforgettable cuisine.

It is this sense of distinctness that makes the Cretans, with their indomitable Cretan spirit, and especially those from Sfakia, so special. They will entertain you with their humour, provoke you with their stubbornness, seduce you with their hospitality and amaze you with their generosity.

It goes without saying that we could not think of a better backdrop for the wedding days of Maria and Yiannis. 

No little obstacle can ever stand in the way of love, and despite a small delay, all went well with the world.

Here in the tiny whitewashed traditional church, minimal makes a statement. Simple, chic and beautiful, it can easily boast as one of our top favourite wedding ceremony decorations.

Maria’s wedding dress nodded at our favourite minimalistic wedding style. Clean lines and a minimalist design created the perfect focal point for the bride’s wedding photographs and the soul inspiration to our theme “Lines”.

Destination Wedding Photography does not have to follow stereotypes. And this is a choice we made a long time ago. In our fascinating world of Visual Storytelling, every one of our couples must remain unique. 

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As Destination Wedding Photographers Crete is a destination that provides us with the most alternatives.
We are looking forward to our next adventure.

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