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However, it's a journey that we must learn to savour, cherish and treasure.

Alexia & Frank

We are used to saying that life is a journey. But in reality, life is not one, but many journeys.
Each person carries a different experience, a different destination and different itineraries to tick off. However, it’s a journey that we must learn to savour, cherish and treasure.
Everyone gives a different meaning to their journey, but the magic comes with how we savour every step. And the interpretations we make will take us places.

We keep thinking about how precious it has become to us to discover hidden treasures in people we meet along the way. How each time, a whole new world is revealed to us and how a fraction of their journey marks our own. There is an importance in these moments we share. In these moments, our whole existences converge, and this is transformed into a special bond of magic.


On the day before the wedding, a wonderful group of friends and loved ones took a tour around the emblematic Acropolis in Athens. The evening closed with a surprise champagne drink on the slopes of Filopappou, the favourite promenade of the Athenians with an amazing view of the Acropolis, the whole city of Athens and the Aegean Sea that surrounds Attica.


 ‘Yes, she’s mine. Isn’t she amazing?’
Alexia and Frank got married in Athens. On a lovely summer day, when all was well with the world. 


This Greek summer day found this beautiful unity of people sharing lunch by the seaside. The sense of completeness and satisfaction was overwhelming.  
The best journey I ever took is you.


For us, as wedding photographers, the most essential part of a wedding is our couple. They are what this day is all about, and they are all that matters at the end of the day. 

We care to hand them back the courtesy of their choice in us. Precious memories.

We strongly believe in the importance of wedding photography. It will capture your memories; it will tell a story. But, not just any story, it will reveal a beautiful story of your special day, a day you will never forget. A story that you can share with your loved ones, your children.A story that will stay with you to treasure forever. 

In this story, you will never see your flowers wilt, your dress shall not be worn just this once, your shoes shall never go back into their box. And this is our perspective and our promise to you.


Make sure you hold onto those memories and don’t look back and wish you had hired the right photographer.

Photography isn’t about an expensive camera; it is about capturing a story.

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Athens is a wedding destination that provides wonderful alternatives.
We are looking forward to our next adventure.

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