Sifnos Wedding Photographer

That was the title that dominated our summer: Sifnos wedding photographer. With three weddings in this beautiful island, we had to overcome every obstacle and create inspirational photographs out of literally everything, to present our couples with unique, personalised imagery.

Putting the flow of the day into pictures is just not good enough for us. We have to surprise our couples. Each and every time.

So for Fanis and Ioanna, this was an “after” the after session photoshoot. More relaxed, more fun with surroundings and mood contributing to an amazing result that narrated the end of a very long journey for them, starting in Kythira a year earlier.

Thank you Fanis & Ioanna for sharing so many happy moments with us and may they last forever. We wish you happiness and fulfilment which we are sure you will find in your path.

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