Kostas & Irini, Alsos Nymfon | Wedding Video Athens


Yes no yes no yes no?   Red blue?    Yes red, no blue? No red, yes no?    In out, up down?   Do don’t, can can’t?

Choices… so many…

For the few who know how to dream  this is

“Once in a Blue Moon, when someone comes along who can teach you the words to a new song,

show you it’s possible, to sing along, even when you can’t carry a tune.

But this only happens, once in a blue moon.

So, tonight when I look up into that sky,

see that full blue moon floating on high,

I’ll be thinking how lucky am I,

to have found you not a second too soon?

We’ll be dancing to a new tune,

down here under the blue moon.”



So happy to be part of this wedding, to have felt, to have shared to have captured. We thank you for the generosity and the trust. We thank you for the genuine smiles and concern but even more we thank you for the sincere friendship. Our wishes will always be with you.

This is the cinematic wedding video clip of Irene & Kostas wedding in Alsos Nymfon.


Once in a Blue Moon

Very much more coming soon!


Με αγάπη
Άντζελα – Γιώργος

rChive – Your Visual Storytellers

A beautiful story that talks about love. Stay tuned…


Images from the heart for those few some that were meant to be!


Wedding Video Clip Costas & Irini from arChive Visual Storytellers on Vimeo.



Τελετή και Δεξίωση: Άλσος Νυμφών

Flower Decoration: Studio 7

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