Wedding Video Clip – Nota & Dimitris | Wedding Video Ktima 48

Nota & Dimitris

Wedding Video Ktima 48

Cinematic Wedding Video



This could have easily been any other post of a wedding in Ktima 48, but no. Ordinary things could not be possible with this one couple.

Extraordinary magic is woven through a phenomenically ordinary life. You only had to look around. 


Because in this house they are real
they make mistakes
they say they are sorry
they give second chances
they have fun
they give hugs
they forgive
they do really loud
they are patient
they love


Consequently one can understand why this one wedding will never ever be forgotten. And you can also understand why we are so eager to organize the Day after photo session… We keep secret enterprises and send them sneak peek teasers, our rush of stars and wishes… and so much more! 

Here we shall stop revealing, as this is only a sneak peek post. Stay tuned. The whole story coming up soon.


wedding photographer athens


_About our photography_

We always care for our couples to experience our photography services as special and unprecedented. For every little smile, every tear, the joy, the emotions from loved ones and friends. We work with the professionalism that will guarantee the spontaneity, the beauty and the artistry in the images we will deliver to our couples. But most of all we like to be the safe keepers of their joy to help them remember. Forever.

Images from the heart for those meant to be!

Venue: ktima 48
Wedding Planner – Decoration: Live Love The Event Maker

Wedding Video Ktima 48: arChive Visual Storytellers


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wedding photography athensdestination wedding photographyγάμος κτημα 48wedding video ktima 48φωτογράφος γάμου κτήμα 48φωτογράφος γάμου κτήμα 48wedding ktima 48wedding photographer ktima 48

Destination wedding cinematography | Cinematic Video Clip


The Cat’s | Cinematic Video Clip



Destination wedding cinematography by arChive


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Highlight Clip




This past winter started of with our round trip around Europe, visiting favorite couples, our new friends.

Our trip to Amsterdam. Days to remember. Invited by our Cats for the official infamous arChive album presentation ritual. We shared time and most of all emotions. The wedding, now a warm and sweet memory. We were there to revive all the important, the unseen and the forgotten. Their reactions moved us, as they discovered them selves through our images. Right there and then, we decided this was not going to end here. So we let our imagination race to the next connecting point, already starting to observe and capture precious moments of their everyday life. This is because a wedding should not last a day, but a lifetime. Suddenly Amsterdam became our scenery, the perfect backdrop for a new twist of the plot.


Cinematic Clip




Wedding Cinematography’s way of cheating


As in our wedding photography, so is our wedding cinematography, guided from our passion to interpret moments in a unique way, and reveal connections unseen . We do not direct life, but we discover the story behind the story, there, waiting to be told. And there’s always more,  as long as  your heart remains open,  to feel and to  embrace. For our Cats, it was all about the fun, the joy, the laughters and the romance, that filled their wedding days in Symi. It is all about the Love that fills their life in Amsterdam. In everything they do and share.


So… Watch and enjoy our cinematic glimpse, become an everyday fairytale. As is your own. The one you hold precious.


With love

Angela & George


arChive – Your Visual Storytellers


Images from the heart for those few some that were meant to be!


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Storytelling Wedding Video Athens – Maite & Alex’s wedding in Island gallery


Storytelling Wedding Video Greece


Wedding in Varkiza – Island Gallery wedding: Alex & Maite


The storytelling Wedding Video, for a most amazing  couple and  their special wedding day at Island Gallery – Varkiza. We are very enthusiastic for sharing this wedding video clip as it carries loads of Love, Friendship and Warmth. We are certain it will make you smile!





“How do I love you?

Let me count the ways.

I love you out of the box, so shiny, pink, and new

I love you with every pique, pirouette, tendu

Second skin of my feet, keeper of my sole

Every step I take, your virtues I extol

The lines you draw, the patterns you trace

At the barre and in the center, you fill a sacred space

Adorned with ribbon like a satin-wrapped prize

Hiding within elegance the pain you disguise

I love you in class, in rehearsal, and on stage

Treasure beyond measure, my spirits you raise

My road to ballet is paved with blood, sweat and tears

You are my companion persistent through the years

Vertical suspension, the summit of my desire

You beneath me, the wings beneath my fire

From toil and struggle, the suffering for your sake

Comes dance so joyous, ever-worthy to create”



If we could see your last pair of shoes, worn out of dancing, we could still dance through every memory, and give these pictures something to keep in your heart. The very special story of a Greek boy and a Basque girl. Alex and Maite, whose story we yet cannot reveal.



Venue: Island Art & Taste


Wedding Planner: Wedding in Greece


Hair Stylist : Vassilis Diamantopoulos

MUA: Irene Chaleli


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Storytelling Wedding Video Greece

Destination wedding photography | Symi Album Presentation Clip – The Cat’s


The Cat’s | Album Presentation Clip



Destination wedding photography by rChive



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Mid August. High season for a wedding photographer! Approaching the port of Symi, we had the overwhelming feeling of entering a perfectly painted image of a scenic traditional village. We have to admit we remained agape throughout our stay, unable to  resist the superb spectacle of the town stretching its impeccable architecture, where  all of the buildings were listed  on the slopes of the surrounding hills. The port of Symi looked like it might have been photoshoped, the colours that surrounded us a breathtaking sight. Last but not least… No words could describe the beauty of the sea that surrounds the Island where the horizon unfolds until the shores of Turkey.


And yes, there was something definitely going on there… This was the Cats’ Wedding!

What a funkier way to start a wedding than a daily boat  cruise around the island. It was an amazing group, there were drinks, good food music and a whole lot of shaking going on… everyone had a ball! Capturing the spirit of the day, we photographed performing acrobatics, on board, underwater and in the air!


On the day itself, our  Cats from Amsterdam, started the day in separate houses, as is traditional. The groom and his men prepared themselves in Pedi, and our bride and her party prepared up in the Horio, the higher village. At a set point in the afternoon Yianna left the house in a beautiful flowing white gown created by Maria Konidi.


She boarded a specially decorated boat, a caique, a traditional sponge diving boat, to meet Yannis at the church in Pedi led by musicians. The groom was also accompanied by musicians, a slow walk to the church. Of course there was a lot of “penemata” fοr both… A traditional ritual loyally kept by Yiayia Varvara, the favored Persona Grata of the event.


A beautiful ceremony took place, where they exchanged their own personal vows before their families and loved ones.


The reception (more a party to remember) was held at Pedi beach hotel overlooking the harbour with its twinkling lights, and the boats coming in and out… Cannot reveal more as  we promise to surprise you with images when the time comes<


Sounds perfect to you? It was for them, and also for us, beautiful images, precious moments, inevitable memories made from the Cats’ wedding, in Simi.


And as we are no ordinary wedding photographers… these are no ordinary cats!

So happy to be part of this wedding, to have felt, to have shared to have captured. We thank you for the fun and the trust. We thank you for sharing genuine smiles, but even more we thank you for the sincere friendship. Our wishes will always be with you.


 With love

Angela & George


rChive – Your Visual Storytellers


Images from the heart for those few some that were meant to be!



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Vassiliki & Terry Presentation clip – Destination wedding photography – Sifnos


Album Presentation Clip for Vassiliki & Terry… Destination wedding photography – Sifnos

This is your captain speaking. Good afternoon Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard Flight V&T with service from Cyprus to Sifnos. We are currently in line for take-off and are expected to be in the air for approximately… a lifetime. We ask that you please fasten your seatbelts at this time and join us in this journey called life. We also ask that your seats and table trays are in the upright position for it is party time. Please keep all personal electronic devices on, including cell phones and cameras and enjoy the ride. Partying is of course not prohibited for the duration of the flight. Thank you for honouring us with your presence. Enjoy our flight.

And so the story begins… for Vassiliki & Terry… Who tasted flight (may we be permitted to rephrase Leonardo da Vinci) and will forever walk the earth with their eyes turned skyward, for there they have been and there they will always long to return.

Their wedding took place in Chryssopigi church in Sifnos with their beloved family and friends. The party yet another flight lasted all nigh at Cafe Folie!

We were honoured with their trust (it took us only one phone call) to share and capture this beautiful wedding. Knowing them has been a privilege. Our wishes along the wedding photos we captured will always be with them.

Images from the heart for those few some that were meant to be!

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Wedding Video Athens // Cinematic wedding video clip Alsos Nimfon // Kostas & Irini

Kostas & Irini, Alsos Nymfon | Wedding Video Athens


Yes no yes no yes no?   Red blue?    Yes red, no blue? No red, yes no?    In out, up down?   Do don’t, can can’t?

Choices… so many…

For the few who know how to dream  this is

“Once in a Blue Moon, when someone comes along who can teach you the words to a new song,

show you it’s possible, to sing along, even when you can’t carry a tune.

But this only happens, once in a blue moon.

So, tonight when I look up into that sky,

see that full blue moon floating on high,

I’ll be thinking how lucky am I,

to have found you not a second too soon?

We’ll be dancing to a new tune,

down here under the blue moon.”



So happy to be part of this wedding, to have felt, to have shared to have captured. We thank you for the generosity and the trust. We thank you for the genuine smiles and concern but even more we thank you for the sincere friendship. Our wishes will always be with you.

This is the cinematic wedding video clip of Irene & Kostas wedding in Alsos Nymfon.


Once in a Blue Moon

Very much more coming soon!


Με αγάπη
Άντζελα – Γιώργος

rChive – Your Visual Storytellers

A beautiful story that talks about love. Stay tuned…


Images from the heart for those few some that were meant to be!


Wedding Video Clip Costas & Irini from arChive Visual Storytellers on Vimeo.



Τελετή και Δεξίωση: Άλσος Νυμφών

Flower Decoration: Studio 7

wedding video athensdestination wedding photographer greeceκαλλιτεχνική φωτογραφία γάμου

Wedding video // Katerina & JB – Rhodes

JB & Katerina – Wedding video in Rhodes

“Sometimes the slightest things change the directions of our lives, the merest breath of a circumstance, a random moment that connects like a meteorite striking the earth. Lives have swivelled and changed direction on the strength of a chance remark.”

In Rhodes,  the crossroad of the Mediterranean, between the Aegean Sea and the coast of the Middle East, the meeting point of three continents. And it was meant to be. Katerina and Jean Baptiste

Katerina and Jean Baptiste… you’ve truly found love, then given it a wing to fly, and  it has chosen to stay,  because it was meant to be!

Thank you for the priviledge to have shared, to have witnessed, to have been your Storytellers!

With Love
Angela & George

arChive – Your Visual Storytellers

Stories from the heart for those few some that were meant to be!

Event Planning: My Best Wishes Events

Wedding Gown: Vassilis Zoulias

Δεξίωση: Rodos Park Suites & Spa

Dj: Yannis Sartzetakis

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