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Mid August. High season for a wedding photographer! Approaching the port of Symi, we had the overwhelming feeling of entering a perfectly painted image of a scenic traditional village. We have to admit we remained agape throughout our stay, unable to  resist the superb spectacle of the town stretching its impeccable architecture, where  all of the buildings were listed  on the slopes of the surrounding hills. The port of Symi looked like it might have been photoshoped, the colours that surrounded us a breathtaking sight. Last but not least… No words could describe the beauty of the sea that surrounds the Island where the horizon unfolds until the shores of Turkey.


And yes, there was something definitely going on there… This was the Cats’ Wedding!

What a funkier way to start a wedding than a daily boat  cruise around the island. It was an amazing group, there were drinks, good food music and a whole lot of shaking going on… everyone had a ball! Capturing the spirit of the day, we photographed performing acrobatics, on board, underwater and in the air!


On the day itself, our  Cats from Amsterdam, started the day in separate houses, as is traditional. The groom and his men prepared themselves in Pedi, and our bride and her party prepared up in the Horio, the higher village. At a set point in the afternoon Yianna left the house in a beautiful flowing white gown created by Maria Konidi.


She boarded a specially decorated boat, a caique, a traditional sponge diving boat, to meet Yannis at the church in Pedi led by musicians. The groom was also accompanied by musicians, a slow walk to the church. Of course there was a lot of “penemata” fοr both… A traditional ritual loyally kept by Yiayia Varvara, the favored Persona Grata of the event.


A beautiful ceremony took place, where they exchanged their own personal vows before their families and loved ones.


The reception (more a party to remember) was held at Pedi beach hotel overlooking the harbour with its twinkling lights, and the boats coming in and out… Cannot reveal more as  we promise to surprise you with images when the time comes<


Sounds perfect to you? It was for them, and also for us, beautiful images, precious moments, inevitable memories made from the Cats’ wedding, in Simi.


And as we are no ordinary wedding photographers… these are no ordinary cats!

So happy to be part of this wedding, to have felt, to have shared to have captured. We thank you for the fun and the trust. We thank you for sharing genuine smiles, but even more we thank you for the sincere friendship. Our wishes will always be with you.


 With love

Angela & George


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