Wedding Photography Tips & Secrets


The ceremony is about to take place in a pitch-black space with crazy lighting needs. This will make a photographer quickly respond and adjust the way he normally shoots. This may easily cause loss of time and it may not always be in favor of a tightly scheduled ceremony or event. It is wise for the couple to think through the lighting situation of the ceremony and consult with the photographer to get the optimum results, as photographers can often only work with what they are given – darkness and squinting included! If you have time to take a fast shot of the venue at the given time this may definitely also be an asset. Discuss and describe what you saw regarding both space and light. Refresh with up to date information as they occur until the wedding day. Jot down small notes and mail the feedback. The more you communicate the better for the final results.

We always visit the ceremony venue, church and reception halls a few days before the event  in order keep our couples hassle-free  and secure the best results.

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