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Helen & Jean



We are Destination Wedding Photographers, and we travel the world for yet another story. We believe we will never outgrow the urge of storytelling, and the need to connect. In fairy tales for real people.

“There is something particularly fascinating about seeing places you know in a piece of art – be that in a film, or a photograph, or a painting.”

And you will hardly find wrong people at special places. Like every time we go to Symi… To find special people who make it happen. And it was like love at first sight.

Helen and Jean, from Ireland and France. With a love for Symi, life music and each other. When we asked Helen to describe Jean, she said “the best thing that ever happened to me”

Helen, the eccentric girl from Belfast, an artist, an animal lover, whose passion in life is the endless pursuit of being the best person she can be.
Jean, in a French accent you will fall for, instantly, and the genuinest gentle smile you have ever seen, seeking gems in all that lies beyond… A person you definitely feel blessed to have met..

As prejudiced as we may sound, nothing can be more inspiring for a wedding photographer that the magic of seeing through the heart.

“It is only with the heart that one can see, hear and feel clearly. Think of an image, music or movie that moves you. Things that we truly love touch our heart before our head analyzes them away. Once we think we understand them, they disappear… It is because simple things in life are invisible, inaudible and insensible to an analytical mind and an undiscerning heart. Let your heart hear the music – be moved by images, people and places… For that makes you more alive than others.”


Symi Wedding Photography


We are not at all surprised they chose Symi as the perfect backdrop for their wedding. And we were honoured they chose us as their wedding photographers.

The magic fills you just as you approach the port. You have the overwhelming feeling of entering a perfectly painted image of a scenic traditional village. And you remain agape with this spectacular sight.
You cannot resist the superb spectacle of Symi stretching its impeccable architecture – almost photoshoped colorful houses listed on the slopes of the surrounding hills. You cannot stop marveling the breathtaking sight that belies your expectation. And the sea… The infinite blue… But bluer!

Symi is more than words or photos can say!

And special places make special bonds, our favorite place to be.

Let’s pause at that, but not for long. We have a promise to fulfill – to take them back to Symi, again and again.

For five amazing days we shared and enjoyed their passion for life, their hospitality and their friendship. It was like we has known them forever. The memorable cruise of Posseidon and Cpt Yiannis, whose unforgettable lunches on the beach keep us dreaming throughout winter. Preparations and the ceremony took place at the Iapetos Hotel and the reception took place at Haritomeni overlooking the amazing scenery of the Symi bay.


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