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We have been travelling around the globe for unforgettable weddings and editorials but  being a wedding photographer in Venice is always an experience for us, such, as was our first visit. You simply fall in love with Venice.


Why I Love Venice


“Venice is the consummate magician. It makes marble palaces vanish into silent fogs. Labyrinthine calli (streets) disappear at the whim of moody tides, and can even turn the most pedestrian of people into fantastical, masked creatures. Just like its world-famous Carnevale, Venice thrives on mystery and awe. From the secret passageways that riddle Gothic Palazzo Ducale, to the esoteric powers of the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute to the inexplicable radiance of Titian’s Assunta altarpiece. After countless sojourns, I am yet to tire of the place. Some spells are simply too hard to break.” By Cristian Bonetto, Writer

We came to Venice a few months ago, for a wedding editorial photo shoot. An amazing destination, since it never fails to make you fall in love with the magic… in its essence. And she is a natural. You can see, you can almost feel and you can smell. Its in the air. Venice is breathing, and you are mesmerized. We  photographed at The Grand Canal, reflecting the glories of the Venetian architecture lining its limitless banks. At the end of  Venice’s signature waterway Palazzo Ducale and Basilica di San Marco added our shots double exclamation marks. Only until we saw what was hiding in the narrow back streets. No other place could be more becoming to the elegant Bridal Collection “Air” by the talented designer Mairi Mparola.

Imagine this backdrop and picture yourselves celebrating the most important days of your life in Venice. The Grand Canal, the Rialto Bridge, and San Marco Square, timeless beauty.The ciccheti bars of Venice or meandering through the lesser known parts of Venice, Castello or  Cannareggio.The unquestionable charm of the isles Burano and Murano.You can never forget the first site of Venice and the emotions you encounter over the splendour of this city which is built on water.

A wedding in Venice is probably one of the most exclusive and spectacular option for those who love italy.The incomparable mood will remain etched in your memory forever. A wedding photographer will always find a spot to create the most amazing images.

We would travel the world to be your Storytellers and Venice is one of our favorites.We will be happy to share with you what we have discovered.



Concept and Photography by rChive Visual Storytellers


Bridal Collection Mairi Mparola


Make up Artist George Marascas