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Wedding in Varkiza – Island Gallery wedding: Alex & Maite

Wedding photographer island art and taste // The wedding photography album presentation clip, for a most amazing  couple and  their special wedding day at Island Gallery – Varkiza. We are very enthusiastic for sharing this wedding video clip as it carries loads of Love, Friendship and Warmth. We are certain it will make you smile!



“How do I love you?

Let me count the ways.

I love you out of the box, so shiny, pink, and new

I love you with every pique, pirouette, tendu

Second skin of my feet, keeper of my sole

Every step I take, your virtues I extol

The lines you draw, the patterns you trace

At the barre and in the center, you fill a sacred space

Adorned with ribbon like a satin-wrapped prize

Hiding within elegance the pain you disguise

I love you in class, in rehearsal, and on stage

Treasure beyond measure, my spirits you raise

My road to ballet is paved with blood, sweat and tears

You are my companion persistent through the years

Vertical suspension, the summit of my desire

You beneath me, the wings beneath my fire

From toil and struggle, the suffering for your sake

Comes dance so joyous, ever-worthy to create”


If we could see your last pair of shoes, worn out of dancing, we could still dance through every memory, and give these pictures something to keep in your heart. The very special story of a Greek boy and a Basque girl. Alex and Maite, whose story we yet cannot reveal.



Venue: Island Art & Taste

Wedding Planner: Wedding in Greece

Hair Stylist : Vassilis Diamantopoulos

MUA: Irene Chaleli


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wedding photographer island art and taste