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The whole city of Venice is an extraordinary architectural masterpiece in which even the smallest building contains works by some of the world’s greatest artists such as Giorgione, Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese and others.

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// Fashion Editorial in Venice

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Photographer Venice // 

Seeking to find the ultimate location to reflect the fineness of ruffles and lace in a statement photoshoot for a Renaissance-inspired designer’s bridal collection, we instantly chose Venice.
Our current project is an elegant collection of wedding dresses.

The whole city of Venice is an extraordinary architectural masterpiece in which even the smallest building contains works by some of the world’s greatest artists such as Giorgione, Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese and others.
The urban structure of Venice has predominantly maintained the formal and spatial characters present in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Authenticity is evident.

In this inland sea that has continuously been under threat, rises amid a tiny archipelago at the very edge of the waves one of the most extraordinary built-up areas of the Middle Ages. From Torcello to the north to Chioggia to the south, almost every small island had its own settlement, town, fishing village and artisan village, Murano. However, at the heart of the lagoon, Venice itself stood as one of the greatest capitals in the medieval world. When a group of tiny islands were consolidated and organized in a unique urban system, nothing remained of the primitive topography but what became canals, such as the Giudecca Canal, St Mark’s Canal and the Great Canal.

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NHK World Heritage 100 Series
Venice and its Lagoon (UNESCO/NHK)

Life is moving pictures, and each time we blink our eyes, the world shifts beneath our feet, in thousands of contradictions. 

Why Venice //

Renaissance society was highly theatrical, social relations often a matter of performance art and much was invested in cloth, tapestry and elegant gowns. Design is evident on a vast scale, as life breaths elegance in Venice. 

Between squares, streets and canals, to exalt contrasts, reflections, lights and shadows, we give a new meaning to our Editorial and evoke the suggestions of a unique city.

Discovering the gondolas // 

The very often photographed traditional Venetian Gondolas, the iconic black boats that still navigate the canals of Venice., as in the old times, will never fail to catch your attention. 

On another note: We have recently discovered some very inspiring secrets about gondolas. 

These elegant and sinuous black boats carry the symbol of the city. A symbol that is found in the iron prow-head of the gondola. The sort of comb in front of each boat, which has the function of balancing the boat itself. Its shape, in fact, is not random at all:

_the S-shape resumes the twists of the Grand Canal;
_the six forward-facing teeth correspond to the six districts of Venice;
_the tooth facing inwards represents the Giudecca island;
_the arch above the last tooth represents the Rialto Bridge;
_the curved top end symbolizes the Doge’s hat.

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Visiting the city of Venice 

Fashion Editorial photography //

Fashion editorials often offer us the opportunity to explore, experiment and discover. To Polish our act and expand your limits. It might have to do with a new lighting style, a new way of editing or a totally unique aesthetic proposition.

Aiming at the identity of each project we undertake, we focus on the essence of every detail that will highlight the strength of your brand, targeted on the experience your client will identify, influence and eventually buy.
We believe that every potential client needs to feel related to a story behind the image. A story that cannot be told without shapes, forms and light. As photographers, we invent, create and manipulate light. We layer it and paint. We add or subtract and control its quality. We are there, where the difference between the modest and luxury, blunt or elegant become imperative. We allow our selves to feel, interpret each project, and make it fit in the appropriate environment, -and vice versa. Whether flooded in light or mystically laid in the shadow, each theme requires its own premium personality.
We are not there merely to document. We are there to discover, to reveal and narrate in the best way possible all that your brand needs to convey.

We believe that quality and aesthetics are the ultimate means to transform the way your identity is perceived online. This makes images your most important investment.

In brief, we photograph to reflect the value of your business, so you can, in turn, provide the same high value to your customers.
We have the facilities, the know-how, the experience, the means and the passion. We promise to deliver to you the most valuable tool one that will value your investment. That will be the highest credit to your investment.

Travel photography //

Finding joy in the glory of travel, we cannot seem to find anything that excites a greater sense of childish wonder, that to be in a country where we are ignorant of almost everything. Where our existence depends on a series of guesses, and our comfort zone drops down to zero.

We travel a lot to find ourselves. We learn to live. To understand the differences and redefine the way we see the world and ourselves in it. Most of all, we learn to live in this world with respect. In our photography, you can see the world through our eyes.

See more of our travel adventures at and get in touch for your event at We are available Worldwide.

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