Hina & Shamshir – Indian Wedding in Koh Samui

Indian Wedding Video Koh Samui


“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain”

// Once upon a time and not so long ago in Koh Samui – in Thai เกาะสมุย the beautiful island off the east coast of Thailand, Hina and Shamshir made their dream come true.
We all know we can write the best chapters in life with love, and this was not plain love, it was destiny.
A beautiful wedding, in this amazing tropical scenery, that was as challenging an experience as a tropical monsoon. A wedding that will be remembered by all, as being very special, leaving us with a quirky smile for a number of peculiarities that we shall not reveal…

// We were overwhelmed by the endless dreamy tropical sandy beaches, the coral reefs lost in tides, in a tantalising composition of turquoise water, among jungles of coconut trees, the island looked like a well-established Hollywood celebrity: outrageously manicured, with lovely blonde tresses so gracefully groomed. No other environment could be more suitable for this wedding.

// Meanwhile, and contrary to our plans, the weather was playing silly games around us, but the spirits were kept high. This was indeed a very special day and nothing special is ever common, even when it comes to storms. When destiny is present nothing can stop it from happening.

The Indian Wedding

// And there were beautiful people, colours everywhere, singing that turned wishes to love and love to more wishes. There were vows, bonding families and symbolisms that left us feeling blessed. A word Hina never forgets to utter. There was dancing in the rain and there was rain.

// We shall not forget the kind hospitality and spirit of both their families and loved ones. We were privileged to have been, to have seen, to have captured and to have shared. And to have added yet another couple in our family.

// Note to Hina & Shamshir > The name Samui is mysterious in itself. We were told by natives that the word “Samui” derives from the Malay word “saboey”, or “safe heaven”. And this is what we keep.

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Special thanks to the ladies of the Venue Shiva Samui for their valuable help throughout our stay.

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