Documenting Professor Afksentiyios Kalangos


With very little time left to think, we found ourselves between operating tables, anaesthetic machines, monitoring equipments, anaesthetic drug carts, equipment, intravenous poles and sterile drapes, dreams, hopes, loved ones, real life.


It always begins with an idea – a spark. Amazing in how it transforms. To light. Its always light. After all, this is what life is all about.

Then comes value in what you do. And the meaning of it  all. To be able to communicate a concept or an idea worth sharing. Meet Prof. Kalangos, cardiac surgeon, philantropist, creator of the humanitarian association “Cœurs Pour Tous” (Hearts for All).

We have the privilege to spend time with him documenting his life service.


This is more or less how it all started. In believing. And in the amazing connection between people, who fit in, as in a puzzle. Special people, on missions beyond. In Hearts for All “Coeurs Pour Tous”, where borders and boundaries are invisible.


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Stay Tuned.