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Their wedding in Loutraki

Anna & Theo

We had the incredible honour of witnessing an extraordinary journey of love and unity in Loutraki, Greece.
It was a day that brought together two individuals from different corners of the world, Kim and Theo, representing the beautiful fusion of Korean and Greek nationalities.

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// Anna & Theo

Life, as we know it, is not just one journey but a tapestry of countless paths intertwining. Each person embarks on their unique voyage, carrying diverse experiences, aspirations, and destinations. And so it was for Kim and Theo, whose paths led them to this momentous day.
As we celebrated their union, we couldn’t help but reflect on the profound significance of the connections we forge along our journeys. The people we encounter become hidden treasures waiting to be discovered, unravelling whole new worlds and leaving lasting imprints on our narratives. In these shared moments, our existences converge, weaving a bond of magic that transcends borders and cultures.

And then, the day arrived—the day Kim and Theo said “yes” to a lifelong journey together. Bathed in the warm embrace of a Greek summer, their unity would be celebrated in Loutraki. At that moment, a sense of completeness and profound joy permeated the air, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all present.

In honouring Kim’s Korean heritage, the wedding incorporated beautiful elements of traditional Korean customs and rituals, adding a touch of cultural richness to the festivities. From the vibrant hues of the hanbok, the formal Korean attire worn by Kim and her family, to the solemnity and grace of their presence, the wedding paid homage to the customs passed down through generations.
This sacred ritual served as a beautiful reminder of the importance of family and the deep-rooted values that shape their lives.
By incorporating these cherished customs into their wedding day, Kim and Theo embraced the richness of their respective cultures and created a significant and unforgettable experience for themselves and their loved ones. It was a testament to the beauty of diversity and the power of love to transcend boundaries.

The meticulous planning and exquisite decorations were masterfully orchestrated by the talented duo of Angelina and Virginia, the wedding planners who poured their creative vision into every detail of Kim and Theo’s special day. With their expertise and passion for creating unforgettable experiences, they transformed the Wyndham Hotel in Loutraki into a breathtaking venue that captured the essence of love, elegance, and cultural fusion.
When guests stepped into the reception hall, they were enveloped in enchantment. The decor tastefully blended elements from both Greek and Korean cultures, incorporating elegant floral arrangements that mirrored the natural beauty of Loutraki. The play of the lighting created an atmosphere that exuded warmth and sophistication, setting the stage for an extraordinary celebration.
Every detail, from the meticulously arranged table settings to the beautiful centrepieces, was a testament to the skill and dedication of Angelina and Virginia. They ensured that every aspect of the wedding decor harmonized seamlessly, reflecting the unique love story unfolding before the eyes of the guests.
The Wyndham Hotel in Loutraki provided the perfect backdrop for this momentous occasion. Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Loutraki, with stunning views of the Aegean Sea, the hotel offered an idyllic setting for Kim and Theo’s union. The attentive and professional staff of the hotel, coupled with its elegant facilities, made the reception an unforgettable experience for all in attendance.
As the evening unfolded, the combination of exceptional planning, the elegant decorations, and the inviting ambience of the Wyndham Hotel ensured that Kim and Theo’s wedding was a celebration that exceeded all expectations. It was a testament to the power of love, the beauty of cultural exchange, and the expertise of Angelina and Virginia in bringing dreams to life.

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Images from the Heart

As wedding photographers, we recognize that the essence of a wedding lies in the couple themselves. Kim and Theo were the stars of the day, and everything revolved around their love and commitment. We deeply appreciate the trust they placed in us, and we strive to capture the essence of their choice in every precious memory.
Wedding photography is not merely about freezing moments in time but about narrating a beautiful story. It immortalizes the emotions, the details, and the fleeting instants that make a special day unforgettable. The story we weave together will be a cherished tale, shared with loved ones and future generations, ensuring that the memories of this day remain alive.

Within the pages of this story, flowers will never wilt, dresses will never fade with time, and shoes will forever dance in eternal celebration. This is our perspective, our promise to Kim and Theo, and to all couples we have the privilege of capturing.
Our advice is simple yet profound: hold tight to these cherished memories and never look back with regret.
 Choose a photographer who understands the essence of your story, someone who can weave the threads of your journey into a tapestry of beauty and emotion.

Remember, photography is not about the price tag of a camera; it is about capturing the essence of your unique narrative—the love, the laughter, the tears, and the countless moments that define your journey together.

As destination wedding photographers specializing in capturing the magic of love stories, we take pride in our ability to immortalize the beauty and emotions of weddings in breathtaking locations worldwide. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the essence of each couple’s unique journey, we excel in documenting unforgettable moments. Loutraki, Greece, holds a special place in our hearts as we have had the privilege of capturing the love and joy of weddings in this enchanting destination. Our passion for wedding photography and expertise in capturing the essence of Loutraki’s natural beauty and the magic of love stories make us the ideal choice for couples seeking a wedding photographer in Loutraki. Trust us to bring your dream wedding in Loutraki to life, crafting a timeless narrative of your love that will be treasured for generations to come.

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The ceremony took place at Ieros Naos Koimiseos Theotokou in Korinthos
and the reception at the Wyndham Grand Resort in Loutraki.

Wedding planning and design: Angelina & Virginia

MUA and Hair expert: Éclat by Kaliva Eleni
Sound & lighting: DJ Athens
Art de la Table & furniture supply: StyleBox rentals

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