Destination Wedding photography Scotland

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Scotland, you are in the right place! Read our couple’s testimonial and our fairy tale wedding story that transformed their love story into timeless wedding photos.


“ The truth be told we went through a lot of research. I being a perfectionist and “difficult”, the wedding set in a medieval concept in one of the best castles in Scotland, everything was taken care of in every detail. The photographs HAD to be perfect. Google search was set on fire. Nothing could stand for what we had in mind. Up until the day when Vasso of My Best Wished Events, who was appointed as coordinator for our wedding, announced in a tone that allowed no contradictions: “Stop researching wedding photographers. Only arChive can immortalize something so unique. These guys will exceed every one of your expectations, guaranteed”.
Needless to say, the photos are unreal (extraordinary). A real fairy tale, as contradictory as this may sound. The feeling of the whole day was imprinted in every single image. We were at loss of words when the presentation was over. Bearing in mind that the wedding was not a traditional Greek Orthodox wedding, but bore a number of peculiarities, which George and Angela had never previously witnessed, to say that the result was EXCELLENT is only very little. We spent five unforgettable days, with two marvellous people, with whom we fit perfectly. The result was such, that even when years have gone by, it will always wander us back tour own personal and unique fairy tale. In a little castle somewhere in Scotland!

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The Wedding in Scotland

Stratos and Rania, and the Bespoke Medieval Wedding in Scotland. Comlongon Castle, near Gretna in Scotland, is a restored 15th Century Medieval Scottish Castle. It serves as a Wedding Venue and a luxurious Baronial Hotel with 14 individually themed en-suite 4-poster bedrooms and Honeymoon Lodge. A beautiful and ever so inspired couple, that shared their dreams with us and honoured us with yet another fairy tale.
The Medieval theme of this wedding was so well supported by friends and family! Scots and Greeks all fell into the mood of this love story, enhanced with the Rock star approach that only felt so natural coming from this charismatic couple. We wish for them a life full of fairy tales and happy endings!

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