George & Carly – Pilio wedding photography by rChive

A one thousand year old plane tree, standing in the middle of a square, dominating the landscape and out eyes. A tree that captivates anyone coming across it. A tree that has embraced the most important moments of the village, and still stands there to keep a secret, or two. And you will come back. Again and again.

So we did. Go back to Tsagkarada. A remarkable landscape of unique beauty, as the mountains slide gently into the sea. Yes, the Aegean Sea. As blue as it gets. Lush forests through mountains, bridges and waters creating mysteries, stories, fairy tales… and love. For Carly and George. And it was a place so perfectly fit for them. You could see it in their eyes. The most sensitive green eyes ever. This place was special, as it was meant to be. Rumours went around that somewhere in the picture there was chocolate praline… but we will keep a secret. Until the time is right!

A lost Unicorn elegant and so essentially British, genteel and quirky, and perfect to host our couple, family and guests from Great Brittain. Guest star our favorite designer Paul Smith with his lovely wife , uncle of the bride, was with them for the occasion.

The wedding palette nature, with a touch of burgundy and white totally matched the enviroment, forming an elegant painting of luxury and class. Inevitably beautiful and delicate.

Wedding Planner:

Venue: The Lost Unicorn

MUA: Maria Tsataragkou

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