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As we stand here,
Hand in hand,
Under the neon lights
Of Truth and Love.
I’m asking you to
Dance with me.
To twirl,
And fly
With me.
Skidding and
Sliding across
The dancefloor of life,
I want you to
Glide with me.
Through the
Saddest and
Happiest songs,
The fastest highs
To the longest and
Slowest lows,
I want you to
Flow through
Them all
With Me.”

And this is the story of Melodie and Yoann. This, and so much more.
Our storytelling is a unique bespoke service we offer to our couples.

We have once again set out on a journey to discover a fascinating world of love.
And what a destination this was. The most amazing weather was welcoming us at the Island of winds.


Mykonos/Cosmopolitan and serene, we will always welcome the opportunity to visit this whitewashed paradise in the heart of the Cyclades. And we have lifetime bonds with this Island. The impeccable beauty, and glamour that is always the reason for more gossip. But this island is undeniably like no other, and always an endless challenge for us to take more unique photographs. We like to see different things each time, just as if we have been there only for the first time. Mykonos will never fail you.

Enjoying the perfect spot in warm Aegean waters, this is a sun-kissed paradise, with its whitewashed villages ever so bright. Our favorite Little Venice, with the colorful fishing houses that line the waterfront, their balconies hanging over the sea below, a sight to savor. Be it the music or the timeless energy, there are attractions to suit all tastes here and, with the sun always beating down, life does not get much better.
This unique destination became the dream place for Melodie and Yoann, their first experience, from Canada to Greece was to be their wedding story, and we were appointed as their Storytellers.
The beautiful Villa Elea in Elia was to host their ceremony. Overlooking the golden beach of Elia the horizon was endlessly spreading right in front of our eyes.
The sun came up, and a warm Aegean sea wind was blowing in. This is what Mykonos does to you: It clears the sky and chills you out and then suddenly it’s as warm and exhilarating as it should. Don’t believe it for a minute, you tell yourself one thing, but the sheer twist of circumstances make a fool of you.

We could click our cameras forever. rewarded by two people whose gentle smiles and passion for life and each other, breath life to our images.

We wish you well Melodie and Yoann, and nothing less than the best, and for your life to be a relentless adventure forever and ever. Thank you for trusting us with your memories.

The best storytellers look to their memories and life for ways to illustrate their story.

Welcome to our world of Storytelling. Set your imagination free and let us make your dream come true. We commit ourselves to stories with a challenge, photographs that will safe keep your memories in the years to come. We care to be a part of your journey. We are inspired by your trust and In the simplest and most straightforward and natural way, we create Images from the heart.

Share your vows in the surreal beauty of Mykonos, with the gleaming Aegean waters, rocky cliffs, breathtaking sunsets in the backdrop, or have a lavish ceremony in Mykonos’s most lavishing venues
. We will join you in the jostling street clouds, the lounger lifestyle of your favorite beach in a relentless party, or a subdued private gathering.

We shall be your storytellers and we shall be your friends. For images from the heart.

(We provide privacy but also the discreet intimacy required for each occasion.)

Melodie & Yoann

Cinematic Wedding Film

Villa Elea Mykonos

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We are moment hunters. Hunting for words that reveal who you are and the way you connect to each other. We turn these words to images that tell your story.

Someone needs to tell these stories. Like when the pirates find their treasures, and the princesses their prince. We need to tell these bits of overlapping narrative.

There’s magic in that. It is in us.

Elia Mykonos Photographer

Wedding Mykonos

And for each one of us it will be different, and it will touch you, us,  in ways we can never predict. From the mundane to the profound. Don’t forget, there are many kinds of magic. And you can take this story and shape it. Then it will take residence in your heart. And in ours.  You are the life of it. 

This is our role.

And this is our gift. 

Images from the heart

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Credits Ceremony: Villa Elea
Flowers: Studio 7 Mykonos
Mua: Mimi Rose London
Wedding Suit Designer: Suitsupply
Wedding Dress: Melissa Gentile Couture Montreal Canada
Sound, Light And Music: Happy Djs